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A Company Dedicated to Providing Custom Microfluidic Solutions For Your Needs

TGroup Microfluidic Solutions

TGroup Microfluidic Solutions Founded in October 2015

In 2015 TGroup Microfluidic Solutions was founded with the initial idea of offering a modular microfluidic platform using a unique lego inspired design.  Since then the platform has been in development phase as design changes to optimize simplicity and use has ensued.

What TGroup is About

TGroup is a company dedicated to developing and advancing microfluidic solutions for various users.  With our modular microfluidic platform our customers can develop their own microfluidic devices per their needs.  The intuitive design modelled around assembling Legos® allows for people unfamiliar with microfluidics to quickly understand and use our platform.  For users who are interested in a ready to use device, we offer customized microfluidic solutions using laser cutting technology and our proprietary pressure sealing method to provide precision devices and fast lead times.  Future developments include a growing library of designs that can be ordered online and may also include utilizing micromilling technology to improve feature resolution and provide improved quality for our customers.  
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As we explore alternative methods for fabricating and sealing microfluidic devices our core goal is to develop inexpensive microfluidic devices for our customers.  
Development: A Core Value